Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Of all religions, w0keness is probably the most toxic-- and it is competing against some real monstrous ideologies, so that's quite an accomplishment.


  1. I don't find wokeness coherent enough to be called an ideology, or even a religion. It's more the ideological or religious equivalent of the gag reflex. A lot of things can trigger it (and there are definitely "right-wing" as well as a "left-wing" versions) and the result is little more than incoherent and annoying noise.

    1. I don't find most religions to be particularly coherent.
      Yes, there are some really disgusting Right-statist analogs out there, but they aren't getting such a boost from the "elites" (academia, journalism, corporations/government, "influencers", etc.) at this point in time. I expect the pendulum to keep swinging, though.