Monday, August 09, 2021

Cori Bush got something right

I know you probably don't want to hear it, and I hate to have to say it, but sometimes a politician can be directionally correct.

Some people are criticizing Cori Bush, some politician from somewhere, over her support for defunding police while hiring her own private security. (Here's a link, but of course, it's from one of those fake news organizations, so take it all with a grain of salt: link)

If that were the whole story she'd have it exactly right. Shocking, I know!

Of course, being a politician, any money she spends on anything-- food, transportation, clothing, housing, or security-- is stolen money. If it weren't for institutional theft ("taxation") she wouldn't have the money to spend.

But, if she were not a politician she'd be doing it right.

Yes, the police must be defunded, dismantled, and disavowed. Then the "taxes" which would go to funding that gang need to be abolished, too. That money could then be used for whatever each individual wants, including security of some sort if that's what someone wants to spend it on. People could hire private security or buy a gun. They could even pool their resources-- through mutual consent with others who also want the "service" and are willing to chip in to pay for it-- to hire something superficially police-like (but without "qualified immunity" and such). I wouldn't chip in, but that's just me.

You can't legitimately justify legislation enforcers by pointing to a problem they perpetuate-- crime-- through their enforcement of disarmament legislation. Well, you can try, but you look like an idiot doing so,

I know... copsuckers gotta copsuck. They hallucinate that cops are the good guys and are different than their freelance competition. Of course, police now out-steal freelance burglars (ignoring other types of freelance thieves) even before you count the "tax" money they receive, so the claim they are the good guys is completely delusional. 

Abolish the police, then accept the responsibility for your own security-- it has always been your responsibility whether you wanted to face that or not.


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  1. But, but, but who would we have to give traffic tickets for going 3 mph over the speed limit, to fill the coffers of cities so that they can hire their brothers in law, to watch each other not fill in potholes.
    Here in Michigan, our own Empress of Lansing, Gretchen Whitless, ran on the slogan, "Fix the Damn Roads." That she was even elected was only by the sheer luck of running at the same time that recreational marijuana was on the ballot, bringing out a bunch of Democrat voters, even from the grave, to vote for the drug, and so while voting for getting high, why not vote for her for governor as well?
    The funny thing is, the roads are in worse condition than ever. When she took office, the first thing she did was to try and raise the gasoline tax by about 50 cents per gallon, taking us from the top 10, to number 2, just under California, I believe. Of course, the people screamed and the legislature, both houses Republican, told her no resoundingly, and she then was lucky (?) enough to get a pandemic, and got her day on television. Make that days, she interrupted the afternoon tv around twice a week, for several months, for her hour long broadcast of how the pandemic was going, and how her office was doing just a bang up job.
    Some things bit her in the ass, but of course, our local news affiliate helped her to cover it up, like when her husband went up north to try and put their boat in the lake while the state was shutdown, for Memorial Day. He dropped the governors name to the docking company, asking if it made any difference if it was for the governor, trying to get them to move him ahead of others. Told no, he said he was just joking. That was the story that the Empress of Lansing gave on television, and no one questioned that. The newspapers of the state let that slide.
    Cuomo of NY put sick seniors in nursing homes, killing huge numbers of patients. Whitmer did the same thing here in Michigan, but just like in NY, here in Michigan, the DOJ said, Oh, that's OK, they were close to death anyway, no big deal. As we know, if Trump was president, and it was a Republican in office in NY or Michigan, the media would have been all over it.
    I am not a Republican, nor a Democrat, but an independent, who leans conservative. But I hate it when the media is so far left that they are even further left than Bernie Sanders. Our hometown newspaper is left, but pretends to be unbiased. I laugh at the things that they not only say, but also in the things that they decide to cover, and not cover. That is how they show their bias. And now, for a shrinking paper, they charge 3$ for a daily an 5$ for a Sunday paper. Unreal, believe me.

    1. Government is quite the circus, isn't it. And the media, too.
      I get nudged closer to being a collapsitarian every day.

  2. Private security is a better answer even to those who can't afford it.

  3. It's funny how the police were never there when I needed them and yet are present enough for me to have to worry about someone calling them on me if I had to defend myself. "But the police are there to protect you," I hear some people bleat. Not anywhere I've lived recently. It used to be that at least sometimes you could get them to be a bit helpful. And okay, one time two of them helped get me out of a flood. But that was because they somehow managed to be halfway decent people not because they were police.

    One good thing happened recently in my town. The cops became so busy dealing with violent crime that they don't bother with speeding tickets anymore. So that's a little bit nice. I'd rather have the freedom to defend myself.

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    1. As I've pointed out for years, the only advantage police have in being in the right place at the right time to help people (if they choose to do so) is the dispatch system. That advantage may not last: Cell 411