Friday, October 01, 2021

Burn it with fire

It's always easier to keep from making a mess than to clean up a mess you've made. Not that it's easy to not make a mess, just easier than cleaning one up.

When you neglect the messes you've made, they snowball into bigger and bigger problems. After a while, the mess is so bad there's simply no way to clean it up anymore; you have to just burn down the house. 

Like one of those hoarders whose house can't possibly be cleaned up and made safe or healthy again.

Those who came before us had the chance to clean up the messes they were making by establishing states-- political governments. But they didn't want to. They just kept making more and more messes (governments) and pretending it was fine.

Now the disgusting thing is filled with rotting food scraps, dead cats, roaches, billions of pages of legislation filling every room floor to ceiling, and who knows what else. It can't be cleaned up. It will simply have to be burned. Don't blame those who are facing the reality you don't want to face.


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  1. Nice analogy, thank you.

    "Burning down the house", though, seems to imply violence, with which I don't go along. The evaporation of government can and should be peaceful. When nobody will work for it, there will be just an implosion.

    1. I'm definitely not against violence-- the use of force-- but I am against aggression-- the initiation of force. I do agree, though, that letting government evaporate would be much better, although that would also result in some violence from those who won't let go, and from those who need to defend themselves from them.

    2. "Letting" it evaporate would involve a long wait. A little help is needed, but that's to so educate everyone that nobody will work for it. Hence, implosion.

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