Monday, October 04, 2021


I'm more than a little angry.

Friday morning my dad got the (at least in his case) unnecessary Covid booster and the flu shot. He's been sick since Saturday morning. It made him more sick than he was when he had Covid back in the summer of 2020.

I think encouraging an 80-year-old-- who has already had Covid-- to get the "vaccine" and its booster is malpractice. Giving him the Covid booster and a flu shot at the same time compounds the malpractice to an almost incomprehensible level. Flu shots alone have always made him sick, but not this sick.

The only reason he and my mom got the Covid "vaccine" in the first place is that my 29-year-old niece-- who has been oozing w0keness ever since college-- insisted that no one in the family could see her baby unless they got the jab. I could live with that mandate; my parents couldn't. So they took the completely unnecessary shots. The baby subsequently caught Covid anyway and had the sniffles for a couple of days.


Thank you for helping support


  1. I engaged in a Chicom-Bug discussion yesterday with a good friend who should and did get the jab. Battling cancer, I am sure his immune system is severely diminished. OK, but he believes all the bullshit Kabuki Theater about jab mandates, masks, distancing, etc. When I asked him why any of that concerns him since he has been jabbed, he didn't really have an answer except for the politics and greater good lies he has bought into. I have tried to avoid such conversations, but I unwittingly got dragged into it.

    1. Back before my parents got "vaccinated" I explained why it was probably unnecessary (and a little extra risky) in their cases, but then I dropped it. I didn't criticize their choice-- especially knowing the emotional blackmail that was a deciding factor. I do wish my dad had thought ahead and at least told them he didn't want both shots at the same time, but I don't control others. Even when I see them doing something I believe will be bad for them.

  2. Might be worth asking your niece which vaccine is both safe and effective in making the recipient immune to Covid, which is what a true vaccine would do. Say you'd be interested in taking a shot of it.

    She might eventually get the point that there isn't one, and hence that even she herself has not been vaccinated. Little wonder that Babe caught the bug.

    1. Unfortunately it has gotten to the point that I avoid talking with her. She tries to interject "intersectionality" and so forth into everything she says. She lives on the other side of the state so it's easy to avoid a conversation. She is only a few months younger than my deceased daughter and they were really close, so it hurts me to see what college did to her. I'm hoping time (and experience) will heal the damage.