Friday, November 26, 2021

I'm too ignorant to have a good opinion

I saw enough "news" about the Kyle Rittenhouse trial that I had a firm opinion as to the correct verdict. I don't feel I had seen enough about the Ahmaud Arbery killing to form an opinion as to how that trial should have gone. Nor do I trust media sources to get the story right (which includes everything I heard about the Rittenhouse case, too).

I've heard two very different versions of the Arbery case. Depending on which one is closer to the truth, I could go either way.

I heard that the killers were trying to make a citizens' arrest and Arbery resisted. If cops can do it, so can anyone. If it's not OK for any goober off the streets to do it, it's not OK for cops to do it. That includes killing someone for "resisting arrest". That's just how it is. Cops can't have extra rights. So, if* it's valid for a cop to arrest someone or kill them while trying, you and I have the exact same right to do so regardless of the opinions of political criminals. (*That's a big "if".)

But, I also think everyone has the natural right to fight a kidnapping, even if you call it an "arrest". By anyone for any reason. Yes, it might be unwise to do so, especially if you're outgunned, but that's a separate issue.

And, I still think both sides in any altercation have the right to use whatever force they feel is necessary to keep from being harmed-- yes, even the clear bad guy. I just hope the bad guy loses every time without fail.

I also think people have a right to defend their property-- and their neighbors' property with their neighbors' permission-- from thieves and other violators. One version of the story I heard seems to show this right being exercised.

Otherwise, I don't really like convictions, just on principle. It feels like letting government win. So there's that. 

Nor do I like everything being sold as being about "race" and I don't like when the racists win.

So I admit I'm too ignorant about this case to form a good opinion as to how I think it should have gone. 


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  1. I don't comment here well, hardly ever, but I just had to this time. I am right on the mark with you, as far as being to uninformed about this trial to know the right opinion of the entire issue. But I also do not think that the police are any more powerful than civilians. The jobs that they are hired for are to supposedly enforce laws, which originally meant to be written by legislators, and instead have been turned over to unelected bureaucrats.
    We see this in the federal government even more than at the state and local level, if you think about things like the BATFE or the BLM, the DEPT of ED, or any of the other illegal departments that the constitution makes no mention of.
    I often have seen many people over the past few years, and more so as time rolls on, speak of a second civil war, with a reset of the constitution. I am afraid that at this point, even if a civil war were to break out, and we were to see the villains driven out of power, that the constitution could be put back into place, by the people who took up arms to effect that change. There are simply too many people with their own agendas, instead of the one over riding agenda that the people of 1776 felt-FREEDOM. That is one thing that might be a fading image in the rear view mirror. If so, then it must be every person for himself, and his family. And like the the Native American's of times past, the tears will be bitter on our tongues.

    1. I agree with you about the chances of getting more liberty out of this situation. We are in for interesting times. Keep yer powder dry.