Friday, November 12, 2021

Leave the garbage in the trash pit

Migrants who bring bad ideas with them, into any new place which still tolerates politics, almost always try to turn their refuge into a sewer. 

Whether they are migrants from California who turn Colorado into a mirror of what they fled, or people from Middle East theocracies who want to impose the same failed brutal systems they felt the need to escape onto their new neighbors, it happens time after time.

I doubt they realize what they are doing. I'd bet they are just craving the familiar.

If the backward superstitions of democracy and political "authority" didn't already enslave the population, there wouldn't be a danger. It probably wouldn't be possible to accomplish. Even those who hate democracy (but still believe in politics) see how useful democracy can be to achieve the dystopia they crave. If all you have to do is out-v*te someone else, you can enslave them however you want.

If you try to remake your new home into a version of the old place you had to escape, you're a moron. If you work to impose it on others, you're committing evil.


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