Monday, November 15, 2021

Self-defense isn't a crime

If Kyle Rittenhouse had been a "black", trans, communist Biden fan who showed up to support Antifa, I would still see what he did as self-defense. The person and his beliefs are irrelevant to me in such a case. Those who try to make this about the person are trying to mislead you down a deadly path to right where they want you.

He was where he had a right to be, doing what he had a right to do. He was armed, as was his natural human right. He was being pursued by people who were a credible threat to his life. He did just enough to end that threat-- he didn't keep firing into the aggressors once the threat was ended (which would have been understandable under the circumstances, with stress and all).

Do I agree with his opinions? Nope. He's a copsucker and apparently a Trump fan. I probably wouldn't like him in person. It doesn't matter. Do I think it's smart to go to a riot, even in defense of strangers' property? Probably not, but I would hope strangers would help me if it were my property in danger, so I'm not too set on that. Either way, it was still self-defense each time he pulled the trigger. 

If I were on the jury I would refuse to find him guilty of anything, no matter how trivial. Just because they were arrogant enough to put him on trial. And I wouldn't budge. This is a line in the sand.


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  1. Small town. The "Stranger" is probably someone you've known for years. The Antifa/BLM had been bussed in. It isn't the same there.

    Then there is the DA. Kenosha city and county had been "sort of" Democrat until they swung for Trump (I'm sure that you have heard of him.) The Democratic DA had to put a stop to people resisting the Democratic Storm Troopers. I bet he was a Soros brown-nose like the one we have.

    Bet the Democratic Governor is going to have to do some fancy dancing on this one.

    1. It's probably not smart to go into a riot, no matter what else. But I don't fault someone for choosing to do so.

  2. Remember that Rittenhouse was on the sidelines with friends in an apparently "safe" area, when it all started. How far will you run when they come to burn out your friends and neighbors? There is never a guarantee of safety, so carry lots of ammunition.